Running Low in Afghanistan

Battlegroup Combat Service Support Insight By: Colonel (ret’d) John Conrad The Edges You Need You could feel it in your bones that long ago summer. There was nothing the ageless… Read More

The Grand Failure: How Logistics of Supply Defeated Napoleon in 1812

In November of 1812, at the hamlet of Gara, Sergeant François Bourgogne admitted, “I am sure that if I had not found any horseflesh myself, I would have turned cannibal.”… Read More

Logistics Lessons Learned in NASA Space Flight

The Vision for Space Exploration sets out a number of goals, involving both strategic and tactical objectives. These include returning the Space Shuttle to flight, completing the International Space Station,… Read More

A Story of Courage: Staff Sergeant Charles Albert Clark

The announcement of the award of the Distinguished Conduct Medal to Staff Sgt. Charles Albert Clark, of Toronto, Ontario reveals a story of courage in the face of the enemy.… Read More

The Construction of the DEW Line

The Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line was built to be North America’s first line of defence against Soviet bomber and InterContinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) attack from across the North Pole,… Read More

The Canadian Army’s Water Transport Company

One of the more unusual transport companies formed by the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC) during World War II was the Pacific Command Water Transport Company (PCWTC). The PCWTC… Read More

Canadian Navy Logistics During the Gulf War

In August 1990, Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces invaded and occupied its small neighbor and U.S. ally, Kuwait. The United Nations quickly adopted a resolution of condemnation for Iraq’s aggression and… Read More

Op Faust

The winter of 1944-45 was a desperate time that came to be known as the “hunger winter” in Holland. What little food there was had been largely commandeered by the… Read More

The Carvings at Vimy Ridge

During the run-up to the battle of Vimy Ridge in World War I, Canadian soldiers being staged underground in preparation for the attack created a number of remarkable carvings in… Read More


As the program to bring Syrian refugees into Canada gains momentum, it is worth remembering that the CF and the Logistics branch have always had a vital role to play… Read More

The Mail Birds Of Ottawa

B17 #9203 from Ottawa’s Rockcliffe 168 Squadron and the insignia crest patch worn by crew during World War 2 (Patch image CC-SY, photo courtesy Andrew King, “Ottawa Rewind”) The thunderous… Read More

The U.S. Navy Fleet Train in WW2

The Pacific Ocean in World War 2 was the setting for the implementation of perhaps the grandest logistical feat of the entire war, the establishment of the Fleet Train.  The… Read More

Canadian Logisticians Darkest Day

30 April marks the 75th anniversary of the darkest day in the history of Canadian Forces logisticians. On that day in 1941 forty four military logisticians and two national defence… Read More

The Rum Ceremony (The Tot)

From its earliest days the Royal Navy issued beer, wine and spirits in place of tea, coffee and cocoa and even water on its ships. Starting in 1745, beer and… Read More

Logistics in Peacekeeping

Logistics support to UN peacekeeping operations is usually thought of in terms of traditional Log functions like supply, transport, etc., but the Logistics community has demonstrated an ability to perform… Read More

The History of the Jerry Can

If there was a single device in World War 2 that could be described as being absolutely vital to allied victory, but that received virtually no credit for its contribution,… Read More

The Bedford Magazine Explosion

On July 18th 1945, some two and a half months after VE day, the residents of Bedford Nova Scotia, who could have been forgiven for thinking that their share of… Read More

Pipelines, More Complicated Than You Thought

Unlike a spares pipeline, a transportation pipeline is a conduit for the long distance transportation of gases, liquids, and slurries (solids suspended in liquid). Pipelines are one of the modes… Read More

Logistics Symbols and Traditions

As part of our continuing efforts in support of the Logistics Service, the History and Heritage committee of the Royal Canadian Logistics Service Association will be publishing regular brief reminders… Read More

Rio 2016 – Cargo & Logistics, The Untold Story Behind The Olympic Games

By Justin Bachman (Bloomberg) Some Olympic athletes seem to be super-human, while others aren’t human at all. In Rio de Janeiro this week, more than 300 horses are arriving to… Read More