The Logistical Challenges of a Nineteenth-Century Siege (Ciudad Rodrigo 1812) by Dr Mark S Thompson

Hosted by the Society for Army Historical Research (United Kingdom). View the video. Dr Mark S Thompson spoke to the Society about the logistical challenges of the 1812 siege of… Read More

Operation PLUTO (Pipe-Lines Under The Ocean)

Ever wonder how where the Allies got the gas they needed to power an invasion across half a continent in the weeks and months after DDay?  It represented  a fantastically… Read More

Canadian Lancaster Returns To England

It has been 50 years since two Avro Lancaster bombers flew side by side. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s Avro Lancaster, VeRA, flew from Hamilton, Ontario to meet her British… Read More

CFS ALERT: Operation Boxtop From The Top of the World

Michelle Ferreri of visits CFS Alert, the northern most inhabited part of the earth with the Canadian Forces on a Globemaster. Shot in 2012 with CHEX Television of… Read More

The Canadian Army Newsreels

The Canadian Army Newsreels hold an important place in Canada’s military history. The newsreels were produced by the Army for soldiers serving overseas. The front-line cameramen were soldiers first and… Read More

Logistics Wins Wars

Discover the importance of Logistics and how it helps win wars. View the video.

Full 3D panoramic of the Mulberry temporary harbour built for the D-Day Landings

This 3D recreation was built to preserve the industrial heritage of the event for its 70th anniversary by Dassault Systèmes. View the video.

Inside FedEx’s ‘Superhub’ During Christmas Rush

ABC’s John Donvan heads into the shipping company’s largest hub during the busy season. View the video.

Fedex and UPS Documentary

Excellent story of both companies who lead this field. Retailers and E-tailers alike not only use them but can learn from them. View the video.

How Amazon Receives Your Inventory

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The Civil War in Four Minutes: Logistics

Historian Chris Kolakowski discusses Civil War logistics. This video is part of the Civil War Trust’s In4 video series, which presents short videos on basic Civil War topics. View the… Read More