The History and Heritage Committee of the RCLSA

The Canadian Forces Logistics Service is a dynamic and evolving branch of the Canadian Armed Forces, tasked with the provision of effective logistics support to the combat operations of the Sea, Land and Air elements in all phases of war.  The Royal Canadian Logistics Service Association (RCLSA) is a voluntary organization of serving and retired logisticians, formed to support and assist logisticians and to further the interests of the Logistics Service.

The Logistics Service is remarkable because of its size, scope and diversity. Our military ethos is critically dependant on the maintenance of a sense of identity and pride, but such a sense is difficult to maintain in the face of diversity and in an operating environment of high turnover, distractions, and busy schedules.

The CF Logistics Service and its precursors have a long and proud heritage of accomplishment in peace and in war, but we need to work hard to maintain a corporate memory of these accomplishments, so that we will always be able to share an awareness and a pride in our accomplishments, the adventures we shared, and the lessons we learned.

The History and Heritage (H&H) committee of the RCLSA has been formed to collect, preserve and present interesting and informative examples of logistics history, with a particular emphasis on CF logistics.  The scope of the committee’s activity will be intentionally broad, ranging from historical references to informal anecdotes and historical trivia.  We will include information related to all environments, all in the hope that we can amuse, interest, and occasionally even educate members, while at the same time encouraging a sense of identity and pride among logisticians.

The H&H committee welcomes contributions or participation from any interested logistician.