Senior Logisticians

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MGen Zimmer
BGen Harding
BGen Osmond
BGen Brodie
BGen Tattersall
BGen Heilman
BGen Girouard
BGen Dundon
BGen McKenzie
Cmdre Bouchard
Cmdre Dagenais
Col Kennedy
Col Charron
Col Grenier-Lachance
Col Morrison
Capt(N) Turcotte
Col. Judiesh
Col Judiesch
Col Spott
Col Zima
Col Delhommeau
Col Perry
Col Thompson
Capt(N) Sader
Capt(N) Watkins
Capt(N) Lessard
Col Herve
Col MacDonald
Capt(N) Creighton
Capt(N) Savard
Capt(N) Smith
Col Belley
Col Larouche
Col Thorne-Albright
Col Scott
Col Feuerherm
Col Lefebvre
Col Menard
Col Spitzig
Col Delisle
Col Bourque
Col Ross
Col Smith
Col Riviere
Col Tanguay
Col Heebner
Col Henry
Col Jacques-Arseneault
Col Poudrier
Col Staal
CPO1 Campbell
CPO1 Gregory
CWO McCann
CWO Poirier
CWO Harris
CWO Pelletier
CWO Bouffard
CWO Godin
CWO Harvey
CWO St-Laurent
CWO Forward
CWO Gibson

News / Events

Logistician / Logistics Officer of the Year 2023 Recipients – Récipiendaires du logisticien / officier de la logistique de l’année 2023

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Logistics Officer / Logistician of the Year. This year saw many exceptional applicants both at the Officer and NCM level… Read More

56th Royal Canadian Logistics Service Anniversary / 56e Anniversaire du Service royal de la logistique du Canada

As the most senior leaders in the RCLS, I would like to invite you all to join the NCR celebration of the 56th anniversary for the Royal Canadian Logistics Service. Our… Read More

Gino: A Child of War – Playing in Ottawa on 16 February

Fellow Logisticians, This is an update on our progress with the Logistics Officer Occupation Specification (Occ Spec) and the Military Employment Structure Implementation Plan (MESIP). Rear-Admiral Sutherland, in his capacity… Read More

Government of Canada announces free daily admission to Parks Canada administered places for members and Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and their immediate family members

Read the details here.