Service Second to None

An incredible journey has begun. For the next 15 months a Canadian Forces Logistics Service flag will be passed among Logisticians around the world and across Canada to commemorate the Branch’s 50th Anniversary.


“This relay, featuring the Logistics Service flag and a 50th Anniversary rectangular pennant, acknowledges the professional contribution Logisticians have made to support operations since its formation on 1 February 1968,” said BGen Virginia Tattersall, National Committee Chair of the Logistics Service 50th Anniversary. “Canada’s 150th Birthday marks the beginning of the Flag’s international journey, while the Canada-based relay will begin on 1 February 2018.”


To mark the launch, Logisticians gathered at the National Military (Beechwood) Cemetery in Ottawa on 1 July 2017 to unfurl the Logistics Service 50th Anniversary flag for the first time in public.


“Today we unfurl … the official 50th Anniversary Logistics Service Flag,” said BGen Michael Rafter, Chief of Staff, VCDS, during a brief ceremony at the cemetery.  “The Branch thought it made ample sense to start the relay of this flag here at the National Military Cemetery in order to honour all Canadian military buried here, especially those who fell during conflict.”


The aim of the Flag Relay is to inspire unity among Logisticians. Logisticians have unique capabilities and occupations that will assist them in taking the flag around the world to CAF operations and then across Canada to Bases and Wings. The Logistics Service is calling all Logisticians to be involved.


“I encourage everyone to take pictures of the flag and send them to your Logistics colleagues wherever they may be,” said BGen Rafter.  “We need to get the word out that this flag is traveling around the world and across Canada. We need Loggies of all ranks to think of events, activities and places where this flag should be seen.”


The Flag is carried in a sturdy, weather resistant backpack and comes with a Logbook, detailed instructions and other paraphernalia with the intention that as many members as possible of the Branch, serving and retired, may sign the Logbook stating where and when they saw the Flag.


“A special feature in the bag is a GPS tracking system,” said MWO Paul Flowers, National Committee member and the Flag Relay planner and coordinator. “This way we can provide Branch members with updates about the Flag’s travels, hopefully with photos of Loggies with the Flag.”


After the ceremony in Ottawa, the flag was delivered by MWO Flowers to Maj Dwayne Demers, Deputy Commanding Officer, 2 Air Movements Squadron at 8 Wing Trenton.


On 6 July, Maj Demers passed the backpack to MCpl Jeff Clements and MCpl Bryan Hogg, Loadmasters of 429 Transport Squadron. The two loadies signed the Logbook and will be responsible for the Flag as it makes its way to the Middle East and Europe.