Warrant Officer David M. Ryan, CD – Mat Mgmt Tech 00168

After 20 years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, and the Logistics Branch. WO David Ryan will retire on 8 May, 2022.
WO Ryan joined the CAF in May 2002 and headed off to St. Jean to complete basic training. After basic training he was off for OJT at 1 RCR in Petawawa. After a few months in Petawawa he was off to Borden, ON to complete his Supply QL3, followed by his 1st posting to Greenwood, NS.
While in Greenwood, WO Ryan worked in R&D, Clothing Stores, and Aircraft Spares. He attended 2 tours, Camp Mirage, South West Asia in 2004 and Afghanistan in 2007.
In 2008 WO Ryan was posted to Wainwright, AB. During his 9 year tenure in Wainwright, he worked in Vehicle Kitting, Customer Service, LPO, Stocktaking, Clothing Stores, and MSA. He also did a 3 month tasking in Resolute, NU in 2014.
In 2017 WO Ryan was posted to Hamilton, ON working with the Reserves as the CQ with 31 Svc Bn. There, he enjoyed many weekend field exercises. He was tasked with helping teach a Reserve BMQ course, and a BMQ – L in Aldershot, NS.
In 2021 WO Ryan finally got his posting home to 5CDSG Grn St. John’s. There he was I/C of Material Management until his retirement.
WO Ryan will remain in NL and enjoy the next few months to relax and reflect on his 20 years of service before deciding on his next adventure. WO Ryan met a lot of wonderful people and would like to thank everyone who passed on their knowledge and professionalism during his years of service.
There will be no formal DWD but WO Ryan would love to hear from you. Any anecdotes, photos or congratulatory messages may be sent to:
WO M.P. Sinnott Murray.sinnott@forces.gc.ca