PO1 Stephen Gibbs, CD – MM Tech

On 31 Mar 22, after 30+ years of loyal and dedicated service to Queen and country, PO1 Stephen Gibbs will depart HMC Dockyard in Esquimalt for the final time.
Stephen would like to thank the many bosses; military and civilian, who took the time to guide and mentor him during his career, and give him the well-deserved kick in the pants when needed. He would also like to thank the lifelong friends he has made along the way who made coming to work not just a job but a lot of fun. Stephen would like to give special thanks to his parents for their never ending support over the course of his career and to his amazing wife Janice and their daughter Christine for accommodating the needs of this military lifestyle of ours.
There have been many highlights in Stephen’s career which include but are by no means limited to; 2x tours on HMCS PROTECTEUR to the Persian Gulf, 2x Incremental Staff taskings at CFLTC in Borden, posting to JTF Games as part of the HQ and Planning staff for the military component of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and of course the 2x summers spent touring Canada as a member of the Canadian Naval Gun Run Team.
Stephen and Janice will be retiring to Paris, ON where they will continue renovations to their home, tear up the local golf courses, support the local craft breweries, and enjoy creating the next chapter in their lives.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will not be a formal DWD at this time.
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