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You may wander through the museum at your leisure but guided visits are available. A visit to the museum takes anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours. Visitors are welcome to visit the Vehicle Park but must be in the company of a museum representative. A few of the vehicles are accessible with the permission of the curator. Group or curriculum appropriate school tours are offered. Call the curator to arrange your tour. Group size is limited to 30 people but smaller groups of around 10 are optimal. There is no cost. The museum can host meetings in its central hall. Different seating plans are available that can accommodate up to 15 people. Audio/visual equipment is available. Call the curator to discuss your needs. The museum can host birthday parties for up to eight children. Given that it is a military museum and that children will need to consider time and dates, it is best if the children are over 8 years old. The museum requires one adult per three children. Call the curator to discuss your needs. The museum can hold dinners for up to 12 in the museum or wine and cheese type events. Call the curator to discuss your needs. Significant lead time may be required for licensed events.


Beechwood Cemetery: Beechwood Cemetary Overview Information package

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Permission is given for the NCR Chapter of the Royal Canadian Logistics Service Association to reprint the article Reports Look At Taking Care Of Veterans And Their Families. We ask that you clearly identify the article as written by Sharon Adams and that it was published in Legion Magazine.


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