Wageningen 45 – Letters to Veterans of the Netherlands Campaign 1940-45

World War II Veterans and Families of WWII Veterans

“Wageningen 45” – Letters to Veterans of the Netherlands Campaign 1940-45


Wageningen 45 (The National Committee Commemorations Capitulations 1945) offers a platform for peace and freedom obtained in the Netherlands in 1945 and to draw attention to worldwide issues of Peace, Freedom and Security from Wageningen, the Netherlands, City of Liberation.

See: www.wageningen45.nl

We aim to show our appreciation to those who fought within our land during the period of 1940-1945.

In April 2021, prior to the 5th of May, we would like to send each veteran from your country, who fought on Dutch soil during WWII, an English or French letter personally addressed to them and a bouquet of flowers.

We would like to turn this into a yearly tradition, until the last veteran passes away. These letters will be written by Dutch teenagers as part of an educational program. 

So, we need help to establish contact with surviving veterans and keep in touch with them.

Please send your reply to: Elseline Grobben (elseline.grobben@wageningen.nl)

Thank you very much for your time and cooperation,

Yours sincerely


Harry te Raa

Coördinator Herdenken & Vrijwilligers

Niemeijerstraat 1 // 6701 CL Wageningen

0317 492673 // 06 24829251

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