The Llandovery Castle: Opera
Laurier’s First Full Performance To Be Streamed on “YouTube Premieres,”
April 6, 2020, for reference. This first full-staged performance of The
Llandovery Castle will be streamed on YouTube this evening at 9:00PM EDT.
The link will go live a few minutes before 9:00PM, and will remain on
YouTube after the premiere.

Click to watch on YouTube

This opera brings to life an important but little-known part of Canadian
history. It is a beautifully-expressed tribute to Canadian nurses in
particular, and healers in general, who for millennia have put themselves in
harm’s way to serve their communities and humanity in general.

We dedicate this production to all our first-line responders, nurses,
doctors, military, truck drivers, farmers, store clerks, and much, much more
that have always been and continue to be critical to our way of life. Their
bravery is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human race.

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