RCLS NCR Golf Tournament – Friday 16 Jun 23 at Hylands Golf Course

RCLS Association and NCR Chapter members

Greetings and salutations from the senior leadership.  We have been remiss in not publicizing tomorrow’s RCLS Golf Tournament as much as we intended to.  It was going to be the kick-off event of revitalizing the NCR Chapter of the RCLS Assoc, but we have missed the opportunity.

I have approached the Branch Advisor, and he has requested that the RCLS Assoc take over responsibility for next years event, that we organize and run it.  I will book a suitable date tomorrow while at Hylands for mid to late June 2024.  I will be asking for a committee to be formed to plan and help run it, starting later this summer or in the Fall.

Our sincere apologies for failing to make this work this year.  We now have an opportunity to take on the planning and advertising for this event for future year, ensuring that our retired logisticians can mix and mingle with serving members on the golf course and at the 19th hole afterwards.

I look forward to starting the NCR Chapter and the first meeting the end of September 2023.