Nominations open for Capt. Goddard Leadership Award

The Captain Nichola Goddard Award was created to recognize and honour young Canadian men and women who are innovators and trailblazers who have made an inspiring early or mid-career contribution to Canadian security and defence.

The award is intended to celebrate someone who has broken down barriers so that they and others could surpass themselves and serve as inspiration to others. The laureates have one thing in common: they live by the same values that gave Nichola her strength and leadership: inclusivity, commitment, courage, and valour.

The Captain Nichola Goddard award is about remembering the qualities of Nichola Goddard, her character and her vibrant spirit. It is about inspiring a future generation of leaders and recognizing those who are shaping the road ahead.

Captain Nichola Goddard’s name was chosen for this award, because her leadership and courage in the face of adversity changed how we as a country viewed women in combat roles. Her willingness to lead with confidence and take the same risks as the other soldiers in combat made her the first Canadian female soldier to make the ultimate sacrifice in battle (in Afghanistan on 17 May 2006). She was not the first woman in combat for Canada, others made the same decision, but she was the first killed in action.

Past recipients have hailed from academia and the profession of arms. We also received very strong applications from the business sector. The award is open to all.


  • Demonstration of leadership qualities: Integrity, Humility, Resilience, Vision, Balance
  • Demonstration of leadership values: inclusivity, by opening barriers including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, language, or professional obstacles.
  • Demonstration of courage and valour (we define this broadly to include risk taking and standing with conviction in one’s professional and personal life)
  • Demonstration of innovation and originality
  • Measurable accomplishments in early or mid-career
  • Serving as an inspiration for others

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