Logistics Stories Requested

As part of the esprit de corps and sense of belonging we are trying to develop in our new members, CFLTC is developing a variety of displays that teach the history of Canadian military logistics by element and trade.  We already have the structure for a mini-museum on site for these displays.  As part of this initiative, we are looking for stories, anecdotes, and experiences (preferably with photos) from logistics members past and present that we can post as part of our display.  The idea is that students read these experiences and get excited about the possibilities they could have in their career and also feel part of a larger family of logistics.  To this end, I am soliciting our help in providing stories we can publicly post about logisticians in action.

Experiences may be just a couple of lines or up to 100 words.  Photos need captions and should be 1MB or higher in size to enable printing on the panels.  We will take them in either French or English.  Res F pers are also invited to participate.  We are looking for about 50 small write ups and photos based on the space available.  They can be family stories, journal entries from long dead ancestors, stories from current serving members, etc.  I know there was some of this done for the 50th anniversary, but many are not the type of stories that instill confidence or are mess stories, jokes, etc.  The types of stories we want relate to success or learning from failure or adventure in logistics.  To that end these are the general criteria:

  1. No drinking or mess stories.  Operations and exercises only
  2. Nothing we would be embarrassed to share with the public
  3. Relevance that showcases positive work, examples that inspire our troops
  4. No practical joke stories
  5. Nothing involving punching out others or fighting amongst staff or allies.  We don’t need to encourage this behavior.

Would you be able to reach out through your units and networks to help us collect these tidbits of history so we can memorialize them here at the school?  We will also gladly accept photos, relics, or items for display.  Conditions of display will be subject to hot and cold cycles in an area that is not serviced by electricity or heat.  I will be reaching out to the RCLSI for for additional promulgation of this request, but wanted to reach out to my networks first.  Submission will give CFLTC the right to use these in our work here.

Stories, photos, electronic documents can be forwarded to Rosemary Chavin.  Relics can be mailed to her at CFLTC Attn:  CFLTC Museum and Display Project.  I would love it if we can get some good, inspiring stories.

LCol Gordon Bennett, DBA

Commandant, Canadian Forces Logistics Training Centre