Fellow Logisticians,

This is an update on our progress with the Logistics Officer Occupation Specification (Occ Spec) and the Military Employment Structure Implementation Plan (MESIP).

Rear-Admiral Sutherland, in his capacity as our Occupational Authority, signed off on the Occ Spec and MESIP at the end of September.  This was accomplished after four years of hard work beginning with a Problem Definition Paper in 2019.  Numerous consultations and revisions happened along the way on our path to achieving a framework for what the CAF needs from us as Logisticians in all environments.

As most of you already know, this resulted in the creation of a main occupation, Logistics Sustainment Officer (LSO) and a sub-occupation, Logistics Finance Officer (LFO).  The new framework also mandated that LSO become better generalists in order to meet modern sustainment challenges.

Work to create new courses for both LSO and LFO is ongoing.  It is a very significant task to create new courseware and many dedicated Logisticians are working to build new materials that will frame the foundational subjects Logistics Officers will need to understand going forwards.

We will proceed carefully and deliberately with the election and selection process, starting with those LCol/Cdr who wish to move from Logistics Sustainment Officer (LSO) to Logistics Finance Officer (LFO).  The intent is to conduct separate Selection Boards for LSO and LFO at the LCol/Cdr to Col/Capt(N) ranks in the fall of 2024.  Once the process has demonstrated itself to have been successful at the LCol/Cdr level we will progress with successive rank bands.  Proceeding in this manner will allow us to better align the election process for the other officers.

Although there is still much to do, and the process will take time, we are on the right footing to move this project along.  Thank you for your continued support.