Gino: A Child of War: An Amazing Story of Hope and Kindness

As promised, we have started the production of Gino’s story and his Canadian Guardian Angels (from the Royal Canadian Service Corps).

We are moving forward with the Gino film – A Child of War: An Amazing Story of Hope and Kindness. In fact, a good part of the film is in progress.

As you know, such an endeavour requires commitment, and also encounters some financial risk.  We have a small amount to cover the initial expenses; however, we must also raise $85,000 to meet the production budget. It would be most appreciated if you could support us and champion the cause with the CFLOGA membership.

Attached is the link to the production webpage with an embedded link to our Go-Fund-Me campaign.  If every member of CFLOGA were to donate between $25 and $50, it would make a huge difference! We would also make sure to recognize the actions of the Royal Canadian Service Corps members (WWII ancestors of CFLOGA members) who found and nurtured Gino, and became his lifelong ‘guardian angels’!

As this is a significant endeavour, we have also initiated a GoFundMe campaign to match the initial seed funds ($5K) I have personally donated to conduct interviews, travel and research of original documents. I would very much appreciate your support in distributing the GoFundMe link to all members of the RCLB Association for their consideration.

Thanks and all my best,