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    PK75: A Peacekeeping Anthology

    Background PK75: A Peacekeeping Anthology of Personal Peacekeeping Experiences [La version française suit la version anglaise] The year 2023 will mark two peacekeeping milestones – the 75th anniversary of the… Read More

    Indexing rate – Retired members – Pension –

    Indexing rate for 2023

    Special Advisor Required – SBCA – DND Contract Opportunity

    We are in need of a Senior Special Advisor for a 1 year contract opportunity within the Department of National Defence. This role will Assist with development of the SBCA… Read More

    Newsletter The Logistician December 2022 / Bulletin du Logisticien décembre 2022

    Please see the December issue of the newsletter The Logistician. In order to have access, copy and paste the links below on your browser.  If you prefer, you can export… Read More

    Gino: A Child of War: An Amazing Story of Hope and Kindness

    This initiative is the follow-on to the true story of Gino Farnetti Bragaglia, an Italian 5-year-old boy orphaned and abandoned during WWII, who was found, nourished, and cared for by… Read More