John Page - President

John Page
After more than 40 years in the Regular and Reserve Force as a Logistics Officer and NCO, John has agreed to take on the position of Interim President of the RCLSA until the end of February 2017.  He looks forward to growing the organisation and meeting his personal goals in the short term.  Please feel free to contact him directly at .

I have accepted the interim position in order to ensure that the hard work that has gone before does not die.  It is very important that we, as a profession and métier have a professional body that supports us, as part of the larger Logistics family.  Continuing the growth the Association across Canada; and, formalizing both the governance structure as a Not-For-Profit entity; and building formal ties with the CF Logistics Service at the National level; my short term goals are measurable and achievable.  In the longer term, we are aiming at supporting the full slate of events in partnership with our local logisticians of the Regular and Reserve Force across Canada for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations and the re-introduction of our Royal designator as the Royal Canadian Logistics Service during our year of celebrations.  I look forward to working with all of you in the near and long term, and working closely with our new Colonel-Commandant, Mark McQuillan, and the senior leadership of the Branch.


Mike Ingram - Treasurer and FinanceMike Ingram
CWO Mike Ingram is an active member of the Logistics Association, who remustered into the Logistics Service in 1988, as a Finance Clerk.  During his spare time he has volunteered to be the Treasurer for both the NCR Chapter Committee and the National Executive Council, and is also a team member for the 50th Anniversary Photo Book project.  CWO Ingram, is still an active member of the CAF, and is serving with the Canadian Armed Forces Strategic Response Team – On Sexual Misconduct (CSRT-SM).




Sean McGrath - History and HeritageSean McGrath
Sean McGrath is the History and Heritage chair on the National executive.  In this capacity he works with a group of volunteer authors, editors and translators to produce interesting articles from logistics history to be published on the Association website, in the Logistics Service newsletter and elsewhere.  Sean also manages the Association’s membership database, compiling membership records and producing membership status reports and distribution lists as required by presidents and by communication leads at both the National and the NCR level.  Sean is also chair of the committee to produce a Pictorial History Book for the Branch Birthday, and is leading an effort to research organizational software tools to improve Association efficiency.



Barry Harris - WebmasterBarry Harris
After 34 years as a Supply Technician and a Logistics Officer, Barry retired from the CAF. Barry completed four tours overseas, worked in all three environments, and names Yellowknife as his best posting ever!

With the assistance of Veteran’s Affairs, SISIP/Manulife, and Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur, Barry launched Majaid Web Solutions. His business is steadily growing and he enjoys helping small business owners gain more success from their web presence.



News / Events

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