Lucrative Civilian Careers for Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans

This is a call to all the Canadian Armed Forces members and veterans out there that want a lucrative civilian career by using the skills they have already mastered in the military.
Your future could be that of a Project Management Professional (PMP) in civilian industry or public sector.
Military missions and exercises share their definition with civilian projects: temporary endeavours undertaken to produce a unique good, service, result, or capability.
This means regardless of your primary military occupation, any military member or veteran ever responsible for planning, resourcing, leading, controlling, and documenting mission or exercise performance and outcomes have a secondary informal military occupation we call Project Management in the civilian workforce.
Civilian employers pay dearly for this project management talent; on average of $99K-$118K CAD per year; first job out of military uniform!
Vets2PM Canada provides Regular, Reserve, and Veteran Canadian Armed Forces with the training, knowledge, translation skills, a 2-page resume, LinkedIn profile, Interview Skills Workshop, and project management career placement components needed to secure these meaningful, lucrative project management careers. For life!
Vets2PM Canada’s goal is to provide industry and the public sector with well trained, knowledgeable, highly skilled and credentialed Reserve and Veteran CAF personnel as Project Management Professionals creating a continuous demand and opportunity for CAF personnel making the transition to meaningful, lucrative civilian careers.
Contact CAF Veteran Major (Retd) Larry H. Stieler, CD at <>  or 613-415-5380 to find out more about Vets2PM Canada and how you can become a Project Management Professional.