How the Journey Started

50 Years Ago Sgt. Pepper Taught the Band to Play
Remembering How the Journey Started

“ The first Basic Logistics Officer Course (BLOC1) was a genuine milestone in the history of the Branch bringing together as it did all 3 services for integrated training during the period Sep 69 to Mar 70. With no previous training model to follow, all candidates received finance, supply and transportation training from the perspectives of each of the 3 former services; to put it mildly it was new territory for both student and staff. The graduates were the first Logisticians to be granted qualification in all three disciplines; some (not all) went on to a variety of successful careers in the CAF, the Public Service and elsewhere”. It was a signal event in our history and heritage even if the concept of “all singing/dancing” has been well and truly put aside. Perhaps more importantly, it was a tremendous achievement for our then newly stood up school in Borden and the obstacles they overcame would be well recognized by them and the Service as they continue to add to the significant role of CFLTC in all things Logistic. We believe that the RCLSA is the best organization to lead any discussion with the School about how best to frame this blast from the past. Therefore, at the RCLSA AGM one to 3 November 2019 in Borden and supported by CFLTC, this unique course and the role of our school will be recognized by a brief presentation by one of the successful graduates. Stay tuned for updates.


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