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Outreach Newsletter 19-2, Feb 2019

Outreach Newsletter 19-2, Feb 2019
Chair: VAdm (Ret’d) Denis Rouleau (
Exec Dir: Youri Comeau (
Association Outreach: Sean McGrath (
Editor: Sean McGrath (
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Thank you for reading the February edition of the CDA Outreach Newsletter. These newsletters highlight upcoming events and activities, and are meant to complement but not replace the CDA website in helping CDA members keep informed and engaged. We encourage everyone to log on to the website regularly and to continue to contribute material and ideas to help us make the site more inclusive and more useful.
AGM: The 2019 AGM was held 11 Feb at the KPMG offices, with 22 members from 20 different associations attending. Attendees enjoyed interesting presentations from the OVO (Office of Veteran’s Ombudsman) and DND/CAF Interim Ombudsman and participated in stimulating discussions which included financial reporting, organizational models, advocacy, and Op RENEW. The draft meeting minutes are currently in for final approval and will be both distributed by email and posted to the Archives section of the website soon. A detailed discussion of the decisions regarding Op RENEW is included below.
Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence, 2019: A very successful conference was held atthe Chateau Laurier in Ottawa 12-13 Feb. Highlights included Steve MacKinnon (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Services & Procurement) declaring his pride and pleasure at an opportunity to address what he described as “a legendary conference”, and scintillating presentations from multiple speakers including the VCDS and Gen Terrence O’Shaughnessy (Commander, NORAD & USNORTHCOM). New initiatives with twin-track panels and networking luncheons worked well, and both conference attendance and interest remained high through both days despite the best efforts of an Ottawa winter to make things difficult. Capt Grant Cree (USI Edmonton) wrote an excellent review for several Western papers including the Western Sentinel ( ). If you have not done so already, you should start to plan your attendance at next year’s conference, tentatively scheduled for Feb, 2020.
Op RENEW: The Op RENEW Project Recommendation (Available on the CDA webpage under Projects & Programs/Op RENEW ( ) was reviewed at the AGM, and a specific implementation strategy agreed as follows:
  • The thirty five identified Op RENEW implementation tasks were divided into groups and assigned to four Implementation Working Groups (WG) (ie: Secretariat, Advocacy, Association Best Practices, and Resources & Revenue), as listed in Annex C of the Project Recommendation;
  • Each CDA member association will be asked to designate one member as their Op RENEW Implementation point of contact (POC), and one or more members (including their POC) to serve on one or more of the WG;
  • The separate WG will select group leadership, establish schedules and priorities, and begin work to address their group tasks. Groups will be supported and assisted as much as possible by the CDA Secretariat, but the leadership and initiative will lie with the individual WG;
  • A series of semi-annual implementation review meetings to be convened in the style of the teleconferenced Member Meetings held over the past year. These meetings will review progress and provide further direction/decisions as seen necessary. The first meeting will be scheduled for mid-September 2019, and will provide a particularly important initial test of the success of RENEW implementation efforts.
The Op RENEW discussion acknowledged the existence of an ongoing operating deficit and an associated urgent need to revise dues and/or otherwise cover the deficit, but it was decided to postpone specific actions to address the deficit, raise the level of dues, or generally address the imbalance in the level of dues levied pending review by the Op RENEW Implementation WGs.
The Op RENEW Implementation initiative will only work if it has genuine and broad-based support, and Associations should begin now to organize for the WG. Specific taskings and timings are as follow:
  • Associations are asked to send their nominations for their association Implementation POC and Implementation WG members to nlt end-Mar;
  • We will collate nominations and send listings out to member associations by 4 Apr;
  • Individual WG should then organize their groups and begin meeting as early as possible in Apr;
  • An Op RENEW Implementation Review meeting will be held 19 Sep;
Member Meetings: CDA Member Meetings are nominally scheduled once per quarter. The last Member Meeting was MM 18-3, held last 27 Nov (Minutes are available on the CDA webpage under Archives/Member Meetings ( ). The AGM was held in lieu of a Member Meeting in Feb, and Member Meeting 19-1 will be scheduled for the week of 10 Jun. Please note that future Member Meetings may be harmonized as required with Op RENEW Implementation review meetings.
IMPORTANT and URGENT: CDA Member Survey: The CDA member survey was originally scheduled to be completed as of end-Oct. Because of poor initial response (A total of only 64 responses from only eight of our forty-one associations), and because of the ease, importance, and potential utility of this survey, it was decided to extend the survey period to 8-Mar. The survey is aval at , and members have only a few days left to complete this important survey. If you have not done so already, pls take about two minutes to complete the survey, and pls encourage as many as possible of your association members to do the same. The survey collects important and useful information about interests, priorities, reasons for joining, etc.; and participating associations will receive anonymized data showing responses aggregated for their specific association and for the CDA membership as a whole.
Ongoing Programs:
  • Affinity Programs: We continue to ask members to provide info to support a survey of available affinity programs. If your association has a worthwhile and productive relationship with an affinity service provider, and provided both you and the provider are willing to share information about the program, please provide details to so that I can compile and distribute a summary of available programs;
  • SME List: Members have been asked to nominate SMEs for potential inclusion in a CDA SME resource list. Member associations are asked to provide a list of members, associates, or other resources that: 1) They believe can be represented as SMEs on particular defence and security related subjects and 2) They are willing to offer to speak on behalf of the CDA;
  • What Can CDA Do For You?: Members were asked to ensure speakers are asked “What can CDA do for you”, and to advise the National Office of any useful or original suggestions;
  • Governance Library, Char vs NFP Guidelines: We continue to welcome any comments, critiques or additions to these two draft sections that have been added to the CDA website.
Association Announcements:
(Associations are encouraged to forward any events, notifications or announcements direct to the editor)
  • Call for Papers for Engage-Exchange-Educate (E3): Symposium to be held in collaboration with RCMI and Balsillie School of International Affairs at Waterloo next 6-8 May. Proposal for papers should be submitted nlt 8 Mar. Full details available in Announcements section of the CDA webpage.
CDA/CDA Institute Events: Please mark your calendars for the following:
  • Engage-Exchange-Educate (E3)(Successor event to what was known as the GSS), Kitchener-Waterloo, 6-8 May;
  • Vimy Gala, Ottawa, Tentatively 8 Nov 2019 (Date to be confirmed);
  • AGM, Ottawa, Tentatively Feb 2020 (Date to be confirmed);
  • Annual Conference on Security and Defence, Ottawa, Tentatively Feb 2020 (Date to be confirmed).
Summary of important dates listed above:
  • 8 Mar: Revised completion date for member survey;
  • 30 Mar: Association nominations for Op RENEW Implementation POC and WG members to be submitted to;
  • 4 Apr: Secretariat to distribute consolidated WG member lists;
  • Week of 10 Jun: Member Meeting 19-1 (Likely 13 Jun, date to be confirmed); and
  • 19 Sep: Op RENEW Implementation review meeting;
Association Events/Events of Interest: The following is a list of upcoming events. Details of these events are available on the website. We will continue to publish events in What’s New, on the website, and in newsletters. Please send details directly to the editor at the email listed above.
Event (Details available on CDA website)
Feb 27
Toronto: Sir Lawrence Freedman, Ukraine & the Art of Strategy (RCMI)
Mar 1
Toronto: BGen Kevin Whale (DG Space, RCAF), Accelerate-Collaborate-Defend (RCMI)
Mar 8
Ottawa: Deadline for submission of proposals for papers for CDA Institute/RCMI/Balsillie School of Int’l Affairs symposium “Engage, Exchange, Educate (E3)” to be held in Kitchener-Waterloo 6-8 May (CDA Inst, RCMI)
Mar 13
Victoria: BGen (Retd) Don McNamara, “Are we Strong, Secure, & Engaged? An Assessment of Canada’s 2017 Defence Policy” (RUSI Vancouver Island)
Mar 20
Halifax: Distinguished Speaker Series: CPO1 Craig MacFadgen: On the Challenges of Introducing New Capabilities into the RCN (RUSI NS)
Mar 20
Halifax: RUSI NS Annual General Meeting (RUSI NS)
Mar 27
Quebec: 10e Rencontre Internationale UNIDEF: La Diversite et la Defense du Canada (IMF)
May 6-8
Kitchener-Waterloo: Engage-Exchange-Educate (CDA Institute)
Thank you for your continuing participation and support!