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Outreach Newsletter 19-3, Mar 2019
Chair: VAdm (Ret’d) Denis Rouleau (
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Association Outreach: Sean McGrath (
Editor: Sean McGrath (
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Thank you for reading the March edition of the CDA Outreach Newsletter. These newsletters highlight upcoming events and activities, and are meant to complement but not replace the CDA website in helping CDA members keep informed and engaged. We encourage everyone to log on to the website regularly and to continue to contribute material and ideas to help us make the site more inclusive and more useful.

AGM: The 2019 AGM was held 11 Feb at the KPMG offices, with 22 members from 20 different associations attending. Minutes of the AGM were distributed 14 Mar, and are available in the Archives section of the CDA webpage ( ).

Op RENEW: Op RENEW project documentation is available in the Projects and Programs section of the CDA webpage ( ). The project is currently entering the implementation phase, and all associations were asked at the AGM and follow-on emails to submit two different nominations to the National Secretariat by end-Mar:
(1) An association Op RENEW Implementation Point of Contact (POC), and
(2) One or more (Ideally, a many as three) additional nominations from each association to work on the different Implementation Working Groups (WG) (This second nomination can include their nominated POC if he/she is willing to work as both POC and WG member).

Please note that these nominations are due in by the start of next week and cannot be allowed to slip if we are to get the WG up and running in time to meet RENEW deadlines. We have received some nominations already, but not nearly enough to get started on the implementation process. If you have not sent in your nominations already, it is URGENT that you do so.

We will collect and collate nominations and get back to associations as early as possible in Apr with a view to getting the self-organizing WG up and running as quickly as possible. The separate WG will select group leadership, establish schedules and priorities, and begin work to address their group tasks. Groups will be supported and assisted as much as possible by the CDA Secretariat, but the leadership and initiative will lie with each individual WG.

A series of implementation review meetings will be convened to review progress and provide further direction/decisions as seen necessary. These meetings will be in the style of the teleconferenced Member Meetings held over the past year. The first of these RENEW Implementation Review Meetings will be held 19 Sep, and will provide a particularly important initial test of the success of RENEW implementation efforts.

Member Meetings: CDA Member Meetings are nominally scheduled once per quarter. The last Member Meeting was MM 18-3, held last 27 Nov (Minutes are available on the CDA webpage under Archives/Member Meetings . The AGM was held in lieu of a Member Meeting in Feb, and Member Meeting 19-1 will be scheduled for the week of 10 Jun. Please note that future Member Meetings may be harmonized as required with Op RENEW Implementation review meetings.

CDA Member Survey: The CDA member survey is now closed. Response was not good despite extensive promotion and an extension of the survey period by several months (A total of 80 members responded, representing 13 of our member associations), but the survey does demonstrate some interesting and potentially useful trends. Anonymized aggregate survey results are available here and we will be sending association-specific results to each of the member associations that had 5 of more members respond ( ie: To CMEA, RCAFA, RCDCA, and RCMSA).

Annual Membership Dues: Invoices for annual membership fees for FY 2019-20 are being prepared and will be sent out as early as possible in Apr. If you have not received an invoice by mid-Apr you should contact the Secretariat to confirm correct contacts. While it is considered important that we address the ongoing CDA operating deficit, it was agreed at the AGM that we will postpone revisions to the dues level pending review by the Op RENEW Resources & Revenue Implementation WG. The invoices are accordingly being prepared to reflect the same dues levels as last year.

Ongoing Programs:
Affinity Programs: We continue to ask members to provide info to support a survey of available affinity programs. If your association has a worthwhile and productive relationship with an affinity service provider, and provided both you and the provider are willing to share information about the program, please provide details to so that I can compile and distribute a summary of available programs;
SME List: Members have been asked to nominate SMEs for potential inclusion in a CDA SME resource list. Member associations are asked to provide a list of members, associates, or other resources that: 1) They believe can be represented as SMEs on particular defence and security related subjects and 2) They are willing to offer to speak on behalf of the CDA;
What Can CDA Do For You?: Members were asked to ensure speakers are asked “What can CDA do for you”, and to advise the National Office of any useful or original suggestions;
Governance Library, Char vs NFP Guidelines: We continue to welcome any comments, critiques or additions to these two draft sections that have been added to the CDA website.
Association Announcements (Associations are encouraged to forward any events, notifications or announcements direct to the editor): Nil

CDA/CDA Institute Events: Please mark your calendars for the following:
Engage-Exchange-Educate (E3)(Successor event to what was known as the GSS), Kitchener-Waterloo, 6-8 May;
Vimy Gala, Ottawa, Tentatively 8 Nov 2019 (Date to be confirmed);
AGM, Ottawa, Tentatively Feb 2020 (Date to be confirmed);
Annual Conference on Security and Defence, Ottawa, Tentatively Feb 2020 (Date to be confirmed).
Summary of important dates listed above:
30 Mar:     Association nominations for Op RENEW Implementation POC and WG members to be submitted to;
4 Apr:        Secretariat to distribute consolidated WG member lists;
Week of 10 Jun: Member Meeting 19-1 (Likely 13 Jun, date to be confirmed); and
19 Sep:       Op RENEW Implementation review meeting.

Association Events/Events of Interest: The following is a list of upcoming events. Details of these events are available on the website. We will continue to publish events in What’s New, on the website, and in newsletters. Please send details directly to the editor at the email listed above.
Event (Details available on CDA website)
Apr 5.   Halifax: Distinguished Speaker Series, Col Marl LaFortune (CO, Canadian Combat Service Brigade) (RUSI NS)
Apr 5-7  Kingston: 49th Annual CME Pigspiel (CMEA)
Apr 9.   Halifax: Dr James White, Canada’s Role in Op OVERLORD (VAC)
Apr 10. Victoria: RCMP E Division’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (RUSI Victoria)
Apr 17 . Halifax: Distinguished Speaker Series, Cpl David Lane (RCMP), Human Trafficking (RUSI NS)
Apr 24  Toronto: Defence & Security Studies Conference (Hon Bob Rae, Keynote), Global Challenges to Canadian Sovereignty in the Arctic (RCMI)
May 6-8 Kitchener-Waterloo: Engage-Exchange-Educate (CDA Institute)

Thank you for your continuing participation and support!