50th Anniversary Photo Book

As part of the Branch widespread and comprehensive activities to mark our 50th birthday, the Logistics Association (RCLSA) has volunteered to produce a professional book of photos illustrating logistics activities from 1968 to 2018.

We need your help!


We are well underway with this project. If you are a newcomer to our site please have a look at our Introduction (Below) for a general description of the project.  Since that post we have publicized the initiative through the Logistics Service Newsletter, the upcoming edition of the Royal Canadian Legion Magazine, direct approaches via the chain of command to all of the regular force regional 50th anniversary reps, all Logistics Chief Warrant Officers (CWOs) via the Logistics Service CWO, letters to all regular and reserve Service Battalions, all Chapters of the RCLSA across the country, the Canadian Forces Logistics Training Centre (formerly CFSAL), Canadian Military Support Group (CMSG) and much more.  Photos are flowing in and being managed by our former branch CWO, Mike Ingram.  They are excellent, but we need more, and we especially need more in the areas of Postal, Supply, Finance, Operations, Sealift and Sustainment, Humanitarian Assistance, Air Movements and training.  Get one of your photos into history forever (The Introduction, below, includes instructions about how to send in photos).

Your committee has also been contacting a variety of publishers and printers to determine the most effective and economic method of producing the final product.  In order for us to be able to resource this project sufficiently to be able to deliver a professional and satisfying product, we have also begun a comprehensive search for private sector sponsorship.  It will be important for us to recognize and acknowledge the invaluable contributions that these sponsors will make to recording such an important part of our country’s history, helping us demonstrate the historically important part that Loggies have played in operations. The assistance of these sponsors we also make it possible for us to highlight the critical relationship that has always existed between the Canadian Forces and the suppliers of services and materiel that make it possible for us to meet our mission and support the Government and people of Canada. This project is completely not-for-profit.  We are dependent on our sponsors, and we will make sure that no contribution is wasted.  Together we will produce something that has never been done before, and something that will make us all proud.


As part of the Branch widespread and comprehensive activities to mark our 50th birthday, the Logistics Association (RCLSA) has volunteered to produce a professional book of photos illustrating logistics activities from 1968 to 2018. The Association will produce this work at no cost to the Branch. Our aim is to assemble the publication with the bulk of the content being photographs with just enough script to put the photos into context. The emphasis will be on imagery that shows logistics activity. A comprehensive article will appear shortly in the Logistics Service Newsletter. However, quite simply we are asking all members of the Logistics Family, past and present, serving and retired, military and civilian, to send us pictures (along with a very short description) for us to consider for inclusion. Our hope is that we will get a tidal wave of input which we will then sort through and prioritize.

We ask you all to think about where you’ve been and what you’ve done and see if you have any pictures that you could share with us for posterity. We want to make sure that all trades and disciplines within the Branch are well represented. The downloadable link below indicates how to send us your photos and allows you to tell us whether you would like them returned to you or not. The work is being done by a committee of volunteers and includes both retired and serving logisticians, all of whom are members of the Association. Our aim is to have the final product available for distribution at the start of 2018. Planning is currently underway to obtain private sector sponsor support (with appropriate accreditation) for production costs so we can produce something to be proud of. We will keep you informed of progress and let you know what areas we are falling behind in that may need special attention. It’s about time that we started being proud of ourselves and this is a chance to do that. More to follow.

Send Us Your Photos